1 hour interview on “The Dusty Futon” Podcast- check it out!!

A big thank you to Big Jon, Tyler and Spicy Kim for inviting me into the studio of “The Dusty Futon” for an interview about my music, influences, San Diego, and of course my new EP release “Broken Horses”. I also play live a new song so check it out!!!


New Album “Broken Horses” ready for Release!!! iTunes pre-sale available Feb 1st, Album release Feb 15th!!

“Broken Horses” is the sophomore effort of singer/songwriter Scott Thorn. Produced by Marco Delmar, the six song collection delves deeper into the roots of his musical core touching on real emotions and the stories of his travels. The album features the 3X award winning song “Broken Horses” and duet “Forgive Me” which features co-writer and Roots/Americana Siren Mycenea Worley.
iTunes pre-sale available February 1st, album release February 15th.


Songwriter Contest Semi-Finals!!

Wow, feeling very appreciative!! I have two songs that made the semi-finals in the Dallas Songwriters Association 2018 Songwriting Contest. My song “Broken Horses” and a duet “Forgive Me” co-written and sung with the amazing Mycenea Worley made both the Americana and Singer/Songwriter categories. Awards show is in Dallas on Dec 8th.Version 2

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My new Single “Behind Your Eyes” is out now!


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Preorder my new single “Behind Your Eyes” now! Official release date Oct 19th

Scott Thorn Music has donated a song to Heart Songs for Veterans. His single “Behind Your Eyes” is available for pre-order on iTunes and will release on October 19th. 100% of his digital royalties will be donated to Warrior Music Foundation #heartsongs


Soooo close…

Thank you all so much for your patience in waiting for the new songs on my “Broken Horses” project to be released. As I may have mentioned the recording has all been completed and the final mix on the last song was finished this week. The songs are going to be mastered in the next few weeks followed by a release date sometime soon. I also will have some exciting news to share about how the songs will be released. Hang in there this ride is going to begin…… I promise, no kidding (:  All the best, Scott

Version 2

April 2018 New Music Update



New Music update! Yes!! My latest music project is finished! Well, sort of… mostly, kind of? Ok, it’s not totally done yet but, a major milestone nonetheless.  It is done in the sense that all of the instruments and vocals have been recorded and edited.  Now comes the final mixing process. Working at Recording Arts Studio with the amazing multi-award winning Music Producer Marco Delmar this past year has been a total blast. Marco has helped guide and support me in this project and stay true to my original intent and sound. I wanted to build off of my first album release ‘Ordinary Day’ in 2016 but strike deeper into my style of Americana music with most of the centerpiece instruments being played acoustically (don’t worry there is also some killer electric guitar too). Namely, my Gibson J-45 Standard keeping the basic rhythm and the beautiful addition of violin/fiddle for 3 songs, and a National Resonator guitar for one. Before the recording of course came the songs. I have worked diligently on my songwriting prowess over the last two years by attending songwriting retreats, workshops, toolkits and studying my favorite songwriters (both my local DMV favorites and some of the big names).  I also tried to perform as often as possible to “air out” the new songs and gauge audience reactions before totally committing to their full production. I was also under a time constraint because I knew I would be leaving the DMV area in the Spring to relocate back to the west coast. In all, time allowed me to record 7 songs and they run deeper and hit at “real” stories that I wanted to write about. Here are the titles: Devil’s Promenade, Behind Your Eyes, Forgive Me, I Can’t Breathe, Dust Devils and You, Broken Horses, and Livin’ Like A Millionaire. I expect my music release will occur late summer to early Fall. So between now and then in an effort to build HYPE and anticipation, I will give you a little insight into each song.

Today’s song is titled “Forgive Me”

I feel so fortunate that I got to write and record my first duet with the ridiculously talented Mycenea Worley. I met Mycenea at a Judy Stakee songwriting retreat in California last year and was blown away not only by her songwriting skills but her amazing singing voice. When I started to write the song “Forgive Me” about a man on death row coming to grips with the consequences of his crimes and also having to face the widow of the man he killed, I immediately asked Mycenea to help me finish writing it and to record it with me. We also kept this an entirely acoustic song utilizing a National Resonator Guitar played rhythmically and with a slide to give it that sort of swampy, bluesy Americana feel. Added were a base guitar, bass drum and good ole fashioned handclaps. I’m very happy with how this song came out and I am excited to share it very soon. That’s all for this update. More to follow soon.