New Album?

Have music streaming services killed the album? I say NO! There is still a place for music in a package (an Album), a journey delivered from the artist to the listener that can only be captured in a collection of songs, not just a single. Pop music will certainly continue it’s string of singles from a wide array of artists and performers, but I believe that singer/songwriters will continue to package collections of songs that simply chronicle a point of time, experience or mood into albums.

Following that line of thinking, I have been writing over the last year and I have accumulated a collection of some 40 + songs. I add to that total each week as I continue to write during this process. Some are good, some not so much, but it is the craft of writing and editing with melody and emotion that make a few of the collection special enough to record and capture. To date, I have recorded 3 songs from this collection and plan to continue until I am satisfied with the total number and package the messages that they convey. In the end, I assume the total will be 10 to 12 songs that will become my second album. I have not yet decided on an album title.

I love being in the studio and recording music. It is a reward to bring something that was an idea in your mind to a page then to bring it sonically to life. The process of recording is both time consuming and expensive. However,DSCN2537 most endeavors worth doing require concerted efforts. I look forward to sharing some of the songs soon. Please keep up your support. I’ll leave you with a few lyrics from my song “Crooked Horses”.

“…and there’s no sunset on your dreams, no matter how young old or in between, all you have to do is believe, and let your Crooked Horses run free, and let your Crooked Horses run free…”

All the best, Scott

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