Scott Thorn

Welcome. This site is a portal to my music where I will share with you my inspirations and thoughts. Like most of us, I have had many influences over the years and I think you will hear that in my music, melodies, and lyrics. I get frustrated with the modern day “branding” of an artist into one particular genre. Why should we be limited? Again probably like most of us, I listen to and enjoy several different kinds of music. It’s all about the song, the emotion and whether I can identify with the story.

I have been writing songs for years and with the encouragement of some friends and family decided to record a few of them. What started out as a personal project to capture a few tunes has now turned into an album. I am an independent artist. No big record company or world tours in my future. I have a day job and a family to support so this project took me over a year to complete. I worked with a small recording studio in San Diego, CA and session by session, song by song, with the help of a few great musicians, engineer and music producer and now friend created my first album. It is titled “Ordinary Day”. You may not think it is a headline title but, it sits comfortably well with how I approached this album. Music is a part of my life and with or without an album, I will continue to play and write songs. All the recordings are finished and the album will be out sometime in the next few weeks. I will upload some of the songs and provide links to my music if you are interested. I will also provide links to my social media. If you ever have a question feel free to send me a note. Thanks for visiting.

All the best,
Scott Thorn

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