Scott Thorn

New Single Release !!!! I have teamed up with Heart Songs for Veterans on my new single release titled “Behind Your Eyes”.


With personal yet relatable lyricism, Thorn invites the listener into his world. Exploring themes of love and loss, regret and days gone by” Jeremy Bregman, Melobee

“Scott Thorn is a great songwriter and a true blue Americana artist”- Carol Campbell and Marco Delmar, DJ Music Alley Radio 96.7FM Arlington, Virginia.

A song is simply a story. It is the portrayal of a tale in its finest rhythmic form. A song conveys an emotion; an event in time, or a person and their response, the representations are endless. Songwriter’s are the keepers of the time and what is felt by the society in which they live.

About Scott’s 2016 debut album “Ordinary Day”- Every so often it’s nice to find a record that plays to a lot of classic sounds, that can be relaxing and relatable” Owen Maxwell- The Scene Magazine

Scott Thorn is a 2017/18 award-winning songwriter, alumni of the Acoustic Guitar Project and a member of the Songwriter’s Association of Washington. Scott’s debut album titled “Ordinary Day” was released in July 2016 and is available on iTunes, Amazon music, Google Play, Spotify, and CD Baby.  Scott’ second album with the working title “Broken Horses” is expected in the late summer of 2018. ** The new songs are out for mastering and I have some exciting news about how they will be released very soon.

Link to Scott’s electronic Press Kit: